Embroidered Eid Catalogue by Cotton Ginny

Embroidered Eid Catalogue by Cotton Ginny

The collection about which we are describing to you is very gorgeous and endearing. The dresses of this collection are perfect for the newly brides on this Eid. Not only brides other girls can also use them on any occasion. These dresses are arranged for you as Three-piece as well as Two-piece. There are Frocks and Shirts of different types with matching Trousers or Cappries either with Dupptas or nor not. There are Simple, Straight and Open-Shirts and frocks are usually like Umbrella-style or Gown-style. All the shirts are with Medium lengths at the same time as all the frocks are with Floor lengths. Some of the shirts have Full-Sleeves; some of them have Sleeves with Lengths of 3-Quarter and on the other hand some frocks have the same manner. There are also few frocks which are totally Sleeve-less. These dresses are presented to you with such details because these dresses are ready to wear. You can buy them and can wear instantly. For the making of these dresses many types of fabric and accessories have been used like Chiffon, Georgete, Jama-War, Net and Velvet etc. plain as well as self-printed fabric is also used for them. In this collection some of the shirts are stitched double like they are double-shirts one with georgette or chiffon and the other one is a shiny fabric (television fabric or Lappa) while some shirts are single Stitching of these dresses is very appealing and fine with durability too. Moreover the most alluring thing of these dresses is the Embroidery work on them. Eid Catalogue 2015 by Cotton Ginny. The embroidery-work done on these dresses is either with threads of (pale-golden) Tillah or with threads of silk (of different colors). This embroidery-work is machine-made and has been done on the fronts and backs on neck-lines, edge-lines, boarder-lines, sleeves or on cappries or tights or on boarders or as motives etc. This embroidery-work is very pretty and attractive and makes these dresses very dominating n special. Due to its amazing embroidery you don’t need to use any jewelry expressly necklace. Like its other qualities, the combinations and mishmash of these dresses are also very mesmerizing and eye-catching. Totally bright and happy to eye colors have been chosen for them. Few buttons and shiny attachments are also festooned with them.

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